About House

I am a physical therapist that is passionate about the prevention and rehabilitation of sports related injuries, especially those of the shoulder and elbow.

I graduated from Azusa Pacific University in 2010 with a doctor of physical therapy degree. Immediately after graduating I was accepted into a yearlong orthopedic residency program where I received advanced training in clinical decision making, hands on skills, and movement analysis. In addition to my residency training, I had gained valuable experience as an intern with the San Diego Padres in the rehabilitation of professional players at all levels.

Apart from my education, I am someone that is passionate about the sport and spend a lot of my free time researching ways to improve the overall well being of athletes and using movement analysis of mechanics to predict and prevent injuries from happening.

I am always learning, and am on a journey to seek out how to best prevent injuries before they happen, so I decided to write this blog to allow others to take part in my journey.

Please email me with questions or suggestions.




3 responses to “About House

  1. As a father of two Little League pitchers(ages 11, 9), I happened upon your blog. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    Isn’t any sport where the shoulder performs repetitive motion where the arm/forearm is more than 30 degrees from the body (anatomical position with lateral abduction) going to be damaging to the rotator cuff or elbow?

    This question comes from the fact that fast-pitch softball players do not have the injuries of the shoulder/elbow that baseball players have.

  2. My name is Korey Reed. I am a college baseball player at Rappahannock Community College in Warsaw, VA. I have a few questions for you. Could you please share with me an email address to contact you? Thanks.

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